How you can obtain it effectively in game?

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The corrupted platebody is definitely an item obtainable by talking with Horvik with the pestle and mortar as well as an air rune throughout the Christmas corrupt cluefest. It is the main corrupted armour arranged, rs 2007 gold   and has stats identical to that particular of an metal platebody.

There is going to be some clues released over social press in next fourteen days, somewhat similar in order to crack the idea but considerably simpler. Bit of the raids teaser essentially. Keep an eye about the old school tweets! Currently, you should focus on the following factors:

Of course, there are other names from the Corrupted Platebody like the Christmas corrupt cluefest or even the ccc. Since most gamers have great interest and fascination with the new products, you should pay more focus on the latest information. Hopefully you will find out Corrupted Platebody Products in OSRS effectively.

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