Runescape]Which is absolutely useless


All my abilities are 99 except Apparatus and Dungeoneering. Until a few weeks ago a Guthix butterfly would accord me XP in my everyman abridged skill, namely Dungeoneering. Then, in a hidden amend , they started giving XP in the everyman XP skill,Runescape gold which is absolutely useless. Presumably already Apparatus is apart for benefit XP, Guthix collywobbles will still not accord the legions of maxed players XP in Invention.

I may be wrong, but I was beneath the consequence that the collywobbles (#( and tears of guthix )#) accept consistently accustomed XP to the everyman XP skill. Since apparatus is currently locked, it goes to your next everyman XP level, and I aswell accordingly accept that if the lock is removed in July you’ll afresh be able to get XP assigned to it through tears of guthix if, again, it is your everyman XP skill* Pretty abiding it’s not a bug, and is advised to accolade XP to whichever accomplishment has the everyman absolute XP overall.

As I said, up until a hidden change a few weeks ago I was accepting Dungeoneering XP, so I can abandoned accept that was correct. Collywobbles are an casual advantage in Prif if agriculture crops with the appropriate Voice of Seren, rs 2007 gold    and I *always* apart the mysteries of Daemonheim (#( which was advantageous and hardly game-breaking )#). Accepting Prayer XP if I accept an un-maxed, acceptable accomplishment is apparent dumb, and it was not consistently thus. (#( No clue about Tears, gave that up ages ago )#). As things stand, I am now amidst by collywobbles which are annihilation but a affliction in the behind and addition admonition of Jagex’s allegorical adeptness to breach something that was alive just fine.

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